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Reopening and distinctive

With a special treatment, this family, we return to present at the table their traditional menu of stews, stews, pucheros, goat, slaughter of the town, excellent meats, sauces, desserts and cellar, that after the implementation of new services , Charming rural hotel, terraces, Mini Spa, could not leave behind its fort, which is the catering service.


Since last December the family business House the Moriscos, rural Inn boutique, in the montes de Malaga, Colmenar, us again in its rooms offer a letter of typical traditional dishes of the Axarquia region, and that good work to which we are accustomed in her kitchen in town.



This restaurant has just received from the provincial Council of Malaga the hallmark of uniqueness tourism, certificate of tourist quality approach also issued by the Diputación de Málaga.












With special treatment, this family, we return to its traditional stews, stews, stews, goat, chacina de village, excellent meat, sauces, desserts and wine cellar, which could not leave behind his strong, which is the service of restoration after the launch of the new services, rural charming terraces, Mini Spa, hotel letter in the table